Work-Package 3 Team Poster Presentation

Work-Package 3 Team Poster Presentation

As part of work-package 3, innovative ways for sharing of educational products, a cohort of 17 senior staff of Wolaita Sodo University (WSU) have presented what they have undertaken during their stay in UCD for three months commencing on September 9, 2018. These staffs jointly with their counterparts from UCD have developed 18 posters showing the 6 curricula they revised, 10 modules they designed, 3 guidelines they developed and 2 policies they adopted.

As part of the poster presentation on December 5, 2019, Associate Professor Pat Gibbons has presented about BRTE programme goals, objectives, strategies and principles. This was followed by Dr Sulagna Maitra’s presentation about the work-package 3 component of BRTE. In her presentation, she showed why innovative ways for sharing of educational products between UCD and WSU is important, what it is envisaged to achieve and how it is going to be realized. Moreover, Mr Samuel Tessema, representative of the WP3 team, presented about the activities accomplished by the 17 WSU staff jointly with their counterparts in UCD in their three months stay in UCD.

More than 65 staff and students of UCD and delegates from the Ethiopian Embassy to Ireland have attended the presentation and paid a visit to the posters.

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