WP 4 – Research and Innovation

NUID UCD – secondment months 286 months

This WP will be led by UCD and will command most of the person months. The research will equally focus on improved disaster risk management policies and practice, as well as establishing innovative ways to broaden the livelihood base for individuals in Wolaita. Much of the disaster risk research will build on the positive contribution of Concern Ethiopia to address the vulnerabilities of communities to absorb pending stresses and enhance their adaptive capacities by learning from recent crises. This research will include strong links between relevant scholars in WSU and UCD’s CHA, Schools of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Sociology and Education. FAC will host scholars from WSU with expertise in urban planning. The research issues with be proofed and their utility enhanced by engagement with Concern Worldwide and its subsidiary Concern Ethiopia.

The industrial/ business research will build on prior research established in work packages 2 and 3 that will establish strong links with UCD’s commercial unit, NovaUCD. Links will be established with past and existing companies associated with NovaUCD and the fledgling Irish Humanitarian Innovation Hub (IHIH) that is housed in UCD’s CHA. The research will link WSU with relevant scholars in UCD’s Business School, and other relevant schools, including engineering, medicine, and education. Many research ideas will emerge from activities undertaken in WPs 2 and 3 in what could be construed as a demand-driven or problem-based research. There will also be the opportunity for WSU to pilot initiatives from NovaUCD and the IHIH.

The agree deliverables for this work package are presented below.