WP3 – Novel Partnership of Education Institutions

Lead: NOHA – secondment months – 134 months

This WP will be led by NOHA and will commence with establishing an educational qualification framework to enable the sharing of educational materials and the development of joint educational programmes between Europe and Ethiopia. Subsequently, academics from a range of disciplines, including: disaster management, education, public health/ medicine, sociology, agricultural science, veterinary medicine, engineering, business and the natural sciences will examine the potential to share materials and programmes. A range of modalities will be employed, depending on the discipline, including: instructor exchanges on common programmes, developing joint modules, e-learning modules, and blended methods. Further research will be undertaken to provide relevant and appropriates education modules for outreach and life-long learning, especially on key areas linked with disaster risk reduction and resilience. Other areas of focus include curriculum development for primary and secondary school students and teacher training programmes. Significant research will be undertaken to develop appropriate and relevant educational products to inform a fledgling but potentially significant industrial/ business sector in Wolaita. This will be progressed in a bid to create an attractive workforce for potential inward investment.

The agree deliverables for this work packages are presented below.